No matter what the occasion is, we always pay attention on ‘Coordination’. Everything we are wearing should be in ‘Sync’ – is everyone’s motto and when it comes to wedding, we go crazy in applying the ‘Matching’ concept with the spouse and in fact the whole family!

But what makes the coordination? A couple wearing the same hue outfits or a lady carrying the identical coloured bag & shoes as that of her dress!?

Well the ‘Sameness’ is the general notion people apply, to balance their look. But that’s not on the ball! Let us tell you certain ways to bring equanimity in your look, right from the diary of image consultants.


When you and your better half decide to get into monochromes, make sure the intensity should be same. If one is dressed in tint, the other shouldn’t pick an accent. However, selecting the Xerox pigment doesn’t give a bang on look! After all we want parallelism not uniforms.


Another creative way to have a picture-perfect glance is to try color schemes like Triad, Complementary or Analogous. for example- women wrapped in yellow outfit with a red lip shade along with her man in blue, aces the Triad chromatic scheme.

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A couple’s embellishments must convey an alike mood! If your mistress has put on traditional adornments, you can’t afford western accessories. Try wearing classical brooches or necklaces to complement her.



If you are planning to attire more than one fabric pay attention on the quantity & positioning of them. The heaviest the fabric, the dominant it looks. To coordinate with your partner, make sure he/she has at least one element of fabric; of what you are wearing. For instance, a gentleman may add a velvet jacket or stole to synchronise with her lady in velvet saree!



Couple exhibiting the similar personality type through their apparel, steals the show, especially during marriage. The groom can’t pick a royal sherwani (depicting Classic personality) to coordinate with her bride in Delicate blush lehenga. To look ‘Made for each other’, he needs to slip into some pastel silk attire. The whole picture looks more harmonious if the ‘Decor’ around them too illustrates the delicate message.


Personal Colors

We, humans have our own personal colors. After analysing them, we can categorise whether warm hues should be put near our face or cool ones. Putting our personal colors near our face make us shine out no matter what we are wearing!


This factor is important especially in pre-wedding shoots, when different locations are chosen to capture the emotions of love birds. Choosing the same background color as what couple is wearing can let them lost in the picture.


Moreover, when the hue of the background and couple’s attire, both are accent with high intensity then they will fight for attention. Harmonious coordination is required while selecting the frame unless all the hard work on synchronisation of bride-groom goes in vain and the picture will never come out to be a perfect one!


Bridesmaid/ Groomsmen

When it comes to wedding, coordination of couple is just not enough!  Bridesmaid, Groomsmen and Infact the whole family need to maintain the equilibrium to get the absolute look. All the bridesmaid & groomsmen must decide a dress code, either everyone wear traditional or western in similar colors.


The intensity of color & theme of their outfits must equate with the bride & groom, however, the couple should select another hue in the same shade and mood to stand out of them. After all it’s their day!

For instance – Brides men in colors of yellows & mustards surrounding the bride in navy lehenga, letting the attention just on her while beautifully maintaining the rhythm.


We often oversee these little things however they make a huge difference on your D-day! Applying the different color schemes suitable to your Personal colors & Personality, keeping in mind the Decor & Background; may seem tricky to anybody. It’s advisable to seek help of your Image Consultant so that your wedding turns out to be a Masterpiece of Art!

**Image courtesy:, theperfectlocationfaridabad, shaadisaga**

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