Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death has sparked a sudden debate over depression. But sadly this isn’t new, WHO says 450 million people are suffering from depression and around 8 lac end their lives because of it. This depressing state can engulf anybody irrespective of cast, creed, status, intellect or bank balance. Our life problems of course can never justify suicide so what’s the root cause in all such cases and can we do something at our end – these are the questions we need to introspect on today!
Like two sides of a coin, depression leading suicide has dual aspects :


We’ve brutally set some “perfect” standards & norms and those who don’t reach these benchmarks fall prey to the judgments of society. Intentionally or unintentionally we judge, comment and sometimes bully them professionally, socially and/or personally. Can we be a little sensitive? We bet it won’t cost anything. If we practice empathy and be conscious of what we’re saying, we can save lives! Because we have no idea how our words can impact someone’s emotions. Everyone has different temperament & sensitivity that no thermometer can measure. So what we can do is to be in touch with our friends & family, especially the ones who are showing signs of depression, the M S Dhoni actor was showing, probably everyone ignored. Physical distancing is of course the need of the hour but not Social distancing. We need to recall great words by Mother Teresa: 

“Kind words can be short & easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”


Stress or anxiety can hit anyone and it starts with a thought that takes home in one’s mind. To cut this thought, all we need is to Communicate! Share your emotions to the ones who are your support system, who will listen to you without any judgement. This may not solve your problems but definitely would lighten your heart. Most importantly your support system will remind you your self worth that you’ve forgotten. If people’s judgement dictates our worth then we’re living their lives not ours. We must remind ourselves – At the end of the day, only person we need to satisfy is ‘Ourself’.

Depression has been existing like a deadly virus amongst us since long time. The only vaccine is sensitivity towards people and maintaining strong mental immunity. Later or sooner we’ll surely win the Covid-19 pandemic but today we have to think how to fight with this mental illness..

Authors: Namita & Garima Manocha (Personal Branding Coach & Life Skills Trainer)

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