Covid-19 pandemic has certainly brought revolutionary changes in our lifestyle but some of them are for better! During this phase when we all are locked up in our homes, we got to see the different roles, dads have started playing.

Preparing breakfast before we wake up, getting kids’ homework done, cooking unplanned snacks in the evening, leaving last piece of sweet – are not an uncommon site with mothers. However, the lockdown has opened our eyes and made us realise that Dads can also show love, they too are compassionate, they can like cooking as well, they can also engage in domestic upkeep and most importantly they can be equally efficient caregivers & can raise kids.

The recent example comes from New Zealand, where the PM Jacinda Arden has returned to work after six weeks maternity leave while his partner, Clarke Gayford (a man!) decides to stay home to keep things running on the domestic front. In a world that wears thick glasses of patriarchy, men like Gayford are striking example that males are not incompetent in taking care of household chores or their own children.

As families have evolved, the practice of being stay-at-home dad has become more common and socially acceptable. The recent statistic showed 2 million men to be home makers in the US. We have so much discussions on – women empowerment, corporate and political leadership roles of females but sadly we never talk about – men can also manage home! They too should have the liberty to choose – to grow a company or to raise kids. Like careers, housework or childcare have nothing to do with gender. Both are highly important responsibilities that a couple should share fairly. 

These are all the beautiful sides of the virus. It has shown us the warmth & motherhood of fathers and it has also given us the time to introspect, understand & appreciate each other’s roles in family. And if required we can exchange these roles as well for the betterment of us, our partner and/or our family. Balancing professional & personal lives is not the art only women possess, men master them too!

Authors: Namita and Garima Manocha – Personal Branding Coach and Life Skills Trainer

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