There comes a time in our lives when we feel shattered and astray from our path. We feel stuck and can’t go ahead in personal and professional life. In that moment, we want someone to come and motivate us, push us. However, we don’t need motivation; we need Inspiration. Inspiration to get up and start again, something to pull us from inside rather than push us. And for that we don’t need to walk miles. Just look around you and you’ll find abundance of inspiration.
Let’s learn 5 life lessons from nature for a successful and stress-free life.

1. Birds

“I won’t do this, no I can’t.
I think I’m not made for this.
I would fail even if I try.”


Do we often think this way before trying anything for the first time?
Well we may but birds don’t! They have so much faith on their fragile feathers that they never think, before taking the very first flight from their nest. They teach us such a great lesson on ‘Believing Ourselves’. If a bird can, then what’s holding us back? Well it’s our very own self which allows us to doubt our abilities, creates fear and hesitation. If we listen to our instinct, our inner voice and have faith on ourselves, nobody can stop us.

2. Fern and Bamboo

One of the major reasons of getting demotivated in the path of success is ‘Comparisons’. We often compare-
Why can’t I have what my colleague possesses?
Why can’t I achieve what my sibling does?
Well in that case, we may have a look over Fern & Bamboo. You must have heard this story, when god explains a shattered man that even after nurturing and taking care of fern & bamboo equally, the fern quickly grew while bamboo took around 5 years to show results and after that within 6 months it rose to over 100 feet. It had spent five years growing roots.


All of us have different timings and our timings are perfect. There is no benchmark to get settled or achieving success in life. If you are not getting results on your path, don’t give up on you. This is your phase of growing roots.

3. River

Have you ever seen stagnant water, how’s it? – Contaminated, not fit for drinking! While on the other hand the flowing stream of water is pure and free from dirt. To keep flowing is the very nature of the river. No matter how many twists and turns are on its way, a river never chooses to stagnate and eventually ends up flowing into the oceans. It moves on and stops for none.
Once Martin Luther King, Jr. said –
If you can’t fly then run,
If you can’t run then walk,
If you can’t walk then crawl,
But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.
Now you decide what you want to be – water without flow which is muddy and murky or fresh flowing water which is going to reach its destination at the end.


4. Ants

Well how often we have tried this in our childhood, putting finger in the path of ants. They either take a route around or over the obstacle, but they always find a way. However, the question is how often we do that while anticipating a hindrance in front of us. We may opt to sit down and dissolve into self-pity or just cry over situation.
This little creature teaches us such a big lesson – ‘Always find a way’. Whenever you feel surrounded by the circumstances, don’t just sit down looking at them like a threat. Instead blend your ways, find other solutions to get out of it as ants do.
Remember! If Plan A doesn’t work, there are still 25 alphabets left.


5. Butterfly

Here’s the onset of spring and it’s delight to watch these beautiful butterflies this season. However, have we ever wondered, so much of hardships they have to go through to reach this level? They well explain that it’s not possible to directly jump from eggs to butterfly without the grueling stages in between. Same is the case of our path to success, we can’t just reach the pinnacle of ladder without climbing it. It demands to go through the struggle and hardship.
“Diamonds cannot be polished without friction.
Gold cannot be purified without fire.”


The stages of caterpillar and pupa are our phases of trials that are going to make us better, teach us the lesson and make us ready for the days to fly with enchanting wings as that of butterfly.So, next time whenever you doubt your abilities go out and watch birds flying. Look at the fern and bamboo if you are worried about your pace. Think about the free-flowing waters each morning, to keep moving on your path. Get inspired by ants while handling any obstacle in life. And last but not the least, whenever you feel broken look at the caterpillar, your butterfly moment may be around the corner.      

 **Image Courtesy – Pinterest**


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