If you don’t think you’re being evaluated and judged as soon as you walk into the room, then you’re certainly mistaken. First Impressions are self-fulfilling prophecies that create lasting impressions. A huge part of making a good first impression is dressing for success.

Your appearance shows your level of professionalism, your seriousness towards the job opportunity and your level of respect for the interviewer. Before you schedule your next interview, be sure to review this list of “10 common mistakes men do while getting ready for an interview.”

The Size of the Tie

Incorrect tie length is one of the top most on the list of things most often done wrong in tailored menswear. Ideally, the tip of your tie should end in the middle of your belt buckle or waistband. Classic width of 3.75 inches is always appropriate.


And in case you are wearing a suit, width of the tie should be about the same size of your jacket lapels which covers about half the distance to your shoulders


Colors & patterns


Dress Shirts are the most visible piece of cloth to the interviewer. So, try to pick pastel colors or wardrobe neutrals with classic patterns like pinstripe, windowpane, gingham or solids. Shocking hues & bold motifs can be distracting.


Polishing your shoes is just not enough, don’t forget to polish your belt as well when you are going for an interview. The color & fabric of belt as that of shoes is preferable with a classic width of 1 to 1.5 inches & moderate buckle. Avoid buckle with fancy ornaments that catches attention.


Tip : If you are an average or short-statured, you may wear belt, trousers and shoes of same color to bring the continuation, consequently increasing the visual height. In case you have dizzy height, choose the color of trousers different as that of belt & shoes.


Wearing a too short pair of socks can leave a gap of flesh when you are seated. Go for dark coloured solid hosiery with a length of at least mid-calf. The color of socks matching with trouser and/or shoes is considered to be most appropriate.



An unfit dress shirt giving you a sloppy look may disqualify you from the list of aspirant candidates. If there is excess fabric in the chest & waist causing a billowing effect & the shoulder seams are not at shoulder bone, then it is a bad fit. Try to consider these points while buying a shirt.

To make shirt intact for the whole day, suspenders are a good option.


Choosing a shirt with a right collar for your face shape can accentuate the whole look. If you have narrow face choose a spread collar. While narrow point collar is good choice for the ones with round face shape. And if you are planning to ditch the tie, button down collar can meet your requirement.


Vest’s silhouette visible through your dress shirt can be an image breaker. Undershirt comes to rescue in this case. Moreover, it protects your shirt from deodorant & sweat stains and can keep ample chest hair from poking through the surface of the shirt. If you leave your collar unbutton then opt for deep V undershirt.



Most men make mistake while dressing their hand. Well Gentlemen, you can fix it very easily. All you need to remember is 1/2″ shirt cuff should be shown below the jacket cuff.


Moreover, the rules of buttoning your suit are different for different jackets. Two-button blazers are usually fasten at the top button and three-button jackets in the middle.


Another important thing to be considered while putting on a third layer is its length. Make sure the end of your suit jacket should hit just above your fingertips.




Spiritual threads, astrological rings & visible tattoos can create a halo effect on your interviewer. Each piece of jewellery gives a message & we don’t know the values & background of the interviewer. So, it is better to play safe. Minimum accessory like a wedding ring or two & a classic watch is sufficient. Try to hide all your tattoos, remove piercing & nose rings if possible. So, the thumb rule is – less is more.


Applying too much of perfume can be overwhelming as you never know your interviewer might be allergic to strong scent. So, it is advised to use some neutral-smell deodorant. Hiring managers should remember you, not your cologne or perfume.


As they say you never get a second chance to form a first impression, one wrong move can distract an employer from your polished resume and outstanding experience. Appearance is the first element of image that let the formation of first impression in just 3 seconds. So don’t take it for granted while going for your next interview.

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