In this fast pace professional life, we are neglecting one of the precious reasons of our happiness i.e. – A Healthy Relationship!
Quarrels, misunderstanding, stress, disinterest… all this is very common in any relation. Here are some tips from your Life Coach to maintain the loving & long lasting bond with your partner.  

1. Replace “I” with “We”

In this world of individuality, we need to get out of the self-centered shell to understand the point of view of our better half. Don’t just have your own perspective, start looking at life through your partner’s eyes. Give each other the same importance that you give to yourself!
A vehicle can’t be driven smoothly unless all its tiers are balanced at same level.    


2. Do away with Communication Barrier

“Don’t talk about your partner, talk to your partner”. Majority of the conflicts don’t come to an end just because we don’t communicate. Your companion can’t read your mind, you need to express.
Talk what you feel, what you expect. And when your spouse expresses, listen to understand not just to respond. Communication is the foundation of good understanding.


3. Trust each other & respect the Privacy

Since you are married or in a relationship doesn’t mean you have the right to track your partner all the time. Show your trust in an alliance, don’t act like a detective by keeping all the passwords of his/her accounts. Let your spouse have some privacy & respect that boundary.
A Push Strategy never works in love.

4. Resolve your conflicts before going to bed

It’s good to have some healthy conflicts but carrying forward an unresolved quarrel to the next day can worsen the situation. Don’t just talk while resolving the matter, try to read between the lines. Notice the body language, voice tone, facial expressions, whether the other person seems stressed, sad or frustated.
Put yourself in your partner’s shoes, Such emotional attunement  will level up your ability to understand the other person, and respond in ways that lead to happy and long-lasting relationships.


5. Balance Between your Personal & Professional Life

Taking the baggage of office to your home can bring cracks in your love life! Prioritise your goals, manage your time well to strike a balance between the both.
Don’t be just present physically – remove your tie, get into casuals and feel the home.
Don’t let the sourness of your workplace enter the sweetness of your abode. Leave it at the door step!   


6. Say the magical words

If your soul mate cooks a meal for you, don’t shy away to say “thank you” , when you reach home late, apologise and hug your partner. These little gestures indicate you still maintain the love etiquette after so many years of a relationship!
And yes, don’t forget to say “I love you” after waking up and before going to bed to maintain the spark between you.      


7. Pay attention on your appearance

Well just because you have each other, doesn’t mean you ignore how you look. Looking attractive doesn’t mean putting on make up all the time. Take care of yourself, your skin, your body, your hair by regular workout and healthy eating.
Groom yourself for your partner.     

8. Go for a Date

Never ditch the quality time. Atleast once a weak go for a movie or dinner or you may create romantic environment at home itself! Spending time with each other, flirting & romance keep the youthful freshness of your bond.   


There might be nothing new in these tips but the problem is in implementation. We know it but don’t do it.
Relations are like plants, we need to nurture them with love daily. Don’t overflow the water on just one day. They demand nourishment regularly, only then the flower of successful relationship can bloom!

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