When we type the word -”Empathy” on a search engine, we end up getting results like- ‘ ability to understand or feel what another person is experiencing’, ‘to place oneself in another’s position’. Primarily it’s all about considering others. But why do we need to do that? Why should we start focusing on someone else’s emotions and problems. Well this is because, being empathetic is not advantageous for anyone else but for us. It’s for our very own benefit. Let us tell you how it impacts the major areas of life.

1. Personal

There comes time in our lives when we feel puzzled and it seems impossible to get out of the problem. This happens because our mind centralizes on the complications rather than paying attention on fixing it. In that case, we must go out and extend hands to the ones who are sailing in the same boat. Helping others makes us concentrate on solutions instead of getting disheartened by the situations. Consequently our dilemma too gets unravelled and this happens when we put ourselves in someone’s shoes.


2. Professional

Having empathy makes us apprehend the pain of others. The moment we start realizing the ordeal of people, we begin to ponder how to facilitate them. Consequently, we attain the quality of building people, gathering people, organising people, managing people and this is the quality of becoming a Leader!
‘If you know how to walk along with everyone, you’ll be successful in life!’


“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together” – Ratan Tata


Being empathetic is one of the essential skills of becoming an entrepreneur! In the movie Padman (2018), Akshay Kumar playing the role of Laxmikant, decided to manufacture the low cost sanitary pads for comfort and happiness of his wife. In the process of making, he tried to improve it at every stage with the help of ‘Feedback’ i.e. by understanding his customer. In other words putting himself in their place. And for that he even tried using it himself! He ended up manufacturing a machine producing extremely affordable pads and changed the lives of several rural women. All this started and continued with an emotion called “empathy”.


4. Social

Besides our personal and professional concerns, the act of empathising plays a pivotal role in beautifying our relationships with people as well. Arguments, disputes, breakups, divorces – all are repercussions of dearth of empathy. All of us are distinctive and so are our perspectives towards life; yet we consider our opinion to be the best!
We forget – different individuals act differently on similar occasions since their upbringing, surroundings, socio-economic conditions and experiences are not same.
When we attempt to perceive the emotional undercurrents of another person, we acknowledge that nobody is right or wrong, we’re just dissimilar. From that moment we stop reacting and start responding to the situations and consequently will harmonise the ups and downs in our relationships as well.


5. Emotional

When we begin practicing empathy and commence feeling & understanding emotions of others, it bestows an immense pleasure to see others happy and successful and that pleasure is absolute! The day you start getting happiness from someone else’s smile, you’ll be above your own emotions. At that point of saturation, nobody can defeat you because the meaning of your victory, bliss and contentment lies in people rather than you! If you want to be invincible and unstoppable then empathy is a terrific weapon you must possess.


6. Spiritual

If you presume you are not empathetic at this point of time then don’t worry, you can attain it with practice. Universe has never been unjust while rendering to us the different virtues. It’s solely up to us, to which emotion we give power.
Empathy is an ultimate emotion, emotion is energy and we all humans are forms of energy. Being empathetic is one of the chief spiritual traits and we ponder on developing such traits! We have forgotten – “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience”, said by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
So wake up! Being empathetic is the very nature of humans.


Empathy is the most essential element of Emotional Quotient. It not only helps us in understanding someone’s emotions and thoughts but also let us navigate our feelings as well as others. This key characteristic proves substantial in each sphere of our lives!   

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