Looking adorably different from other brides, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has altered the set standards of an Indian nuptial culture. Magical flowery theme of the Tuscan wedding was not just another marital motif but was in complete synch with personal style of the celebrity couple especially the bride. The free-spirited actress has always been offbeat and unconventional, so was her wedding. She broke the regular Indian spousal stereotypes and gave some serious bridal goals; let’s decode them through the lens of Image Consultants!


Themes like – Royal Rajasthani, Bollywood or Fairy-tale are picked by the couples either because they are in vogue or were experienced by them in someone else’s marriage. They don’t underline the fact whether the idea really belongs to them or not! However, the flower child actress followed her heart. She implanted her ‘ecologically innocuous’ personal values and ‘buoyant and chirpy’ personality traits to each and every bits & pieces of her revelry. From potted sapling in the invite box to minimalist French decor, every aspect of the ceremony was completely drenched with authenticity.



Whether it was the Sabyasachi lehenga, the décor or even the garlands! Everything was in perfect blend with Warm & Cool hues on the wedding day. Pale pink, ash rose, lavender, tints of orange and yellow were enchantingly complimenting the personal colors of dazzling bride.



Being Bridal Consultants, we always recommend our clients to select their make-up artists according to their personality type, that’s what our new-age bride too did! Moreover, Sharma didn’t wear too much color cosmetics just because everybody does, rather she chose the look that enhanced her natural beauty. Throughout her wedding album, we can notice she followed the micro-bindi trend with nude palette which didn’t take away from the overall beauty look. Her candid allurement was the best ornament that overshadowed everything else.



The gorgeous actress wanted her to look like herself on her momentous day. She was absolutely aesthetic and so was her hairdo. Unlike stylized bulky buns, she opted for roses adorned classic hairstyles that not just depicted her charming elegance but was well going with the flowery theme too. During the grand Delhi reception as well, she didn’t leave the gajra. This led the focus just on her!


While concentrating on Attractiveness and Authenticity, we often neglect the Appropriateness of attire, especially for wedded occasions. However, Anushka Sharma left no stone unturned.

For the D-Day, she focused on soothing and calm colors which exemplify the serene bond of marriage. The outfit, jewelry and makeup; everything was harmonious to each other.

Since, Ring ceremony was a night affair, she preferred the bold look and added drama with smoky eyes. She was truly synchronizing with her dauntless bridegroom.


Mehendi celebration is all about joy, merry and fun that was beautifully illustrated by the Bohemian outfit of her in vibrant colors.

The classic royal banarasi saree was going well with the illustrious Delhi reception. To portray a perfect daughter in law, she followed the Indian tradition and adorned herself with vermilion. Sharma made a comeback of Kumkum and Banarasi saree. However, the choker neck-piece was not just clashing with the heavy jhumkas and pallu but was also making her face look round. Moreover, smaller motifs of saree would have complimented her tubular body shape well.


She kept the glamour for the Mumbai reception and gave full justice to the dazzling celebration in the dream city. She ditched the ‘Sanskari’ look this time and was in full Bollywood mood. However, the colored gemstones could have done a better job with shimmery lehenga by adding hue in the overall look. Furthermore, ‘Sabyasachi’ logo making another focal point at the waist was quite distracting.



While balancing her ‘Romantic’ & ‘Classic’ personality, Sharma didn’t ditch the fashion trends. From velvet saree to pastels, metallic to boho, she was perfectly in vogue.



Another aspect the new age bride paid attention to is – Decor. All the efforts made on outfit, make up & jewellery go in vain if the background doesn’t complement them all. This is the reason special attention was paid to the surroundings during all the wedding functions of the celebrity couple.


Whether it was the pastel flowery mandap in Tuscany coordinating with their vintage colored clothes or softly lit background in Delhi reception going well with the royal theme; every time they looked a picture perfect.


So, brides don’t be just trendy! Be authentic and set your own trends. Plan your dreamy wedded affair with your Bridal Image Consultant!

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