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August 18, 2018by namitagarimacom2

Is Red lehenga in trend or pink or shall I go for ivory? Well if you're a bride to be, then these questions must be hovering over your mind. Here is the Magic bullet from the storehouse of Wedding Consultants. Consider the following tips while selecting your bridal outfit for an authentic, enchanting as well as voguish look!


Selecting a monochromatic lehenga is surely a Royal choice, however this look may turn monotonous because of one hue from top to bottom.


To break the boredom, accentuate the whole look with either one color or a color scheme in form of bangles, bindi or jewellery. This little touch will embellish the whole look. Make sure to keep the accents minimal so that they don't overpower the continuity of the uni-color scheme.



Multi-hue lehenga is a perfect blend of warm & cool pigments & therefore it turns out to be the best choice for Indian skin tone; with the condition having all colors in subtle form. If that's not so then each hue will fight for attention.


To get a 'picture perfect' look all the colors must merge with each other & one of the pigments could be picked up for jewellery & make-up to continue the rhythm.


Pastels are new craze among Indian Brides this wedding season. However, we need to know the undercurrents of this tone to wear it with ace. Pastels are slightly greyish version of pure hues which sometimes make the Asian brides look dull.


The best way to carry a pastel lehenga is to select the cooler tones & compliment it with warm make-up.



Tints are undoubtedly a better option than pastels for warm skin tones. It gives you a glazy bridal look no matter which color you wear. Since tint has it's own shine & beauty, kundan with no hue works best with it. Continue the repetition of subtleness with nude make-up & tinted chooda .Prime focus could be smokey eyes, completing the whole look.



While synchronizing the jewellery, personal colors & make-up, we forget to harmonize the essence of personality. Like a Poetry, there has to be a rhythm in the overall glimpse of a bride. For instance, if you are planning to wear delicate colors, so should be your make-up too. Bold lip shade will distract the look. You can continue the yin aroma with loose braid embellished with fragile adornments.

On the other hand this couple justifies the Yang Personality in their outfits altogether. Audacious color, royal velvet fabric, bold make-up & silhouette of groom's sherwani everything signalling a uniform message of Yang-ness!


6. RED

If u still love the classic red color then go for it! However make sure crimson is an accent color and always dominates its presence. The intelligent way to moderate it, is to wear ivory bangles & neck-piece and nude lip shade.


Another innovative technique is to vice versa that is wearing ivory lehenga with red ornaments & make-up.


"You don't need to follow the fashion as it fades. All you need to know is your style, it stays and belongs to you."
– Namita & Garima Manocha (Image Consultants)



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