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Why do you Need us

To survive the battle of online retailers and to sustain in the competitive red ocean of fashion industry, providing buyers just a range of merchandise is not enough! Their change in the shopping behavior demands a delightful EXPERIENCE in your store. Create a remarkable Image in the minds of customers with our Employee & Store Branding Consulting techniques and turn their shopping time into a discover-able experience!

How Enigma Helps

Visual Merchandising

Window displays showing a dress worn in multiple ways lure the buyers and get them to walk into the store in the first place. Our innovative store layout designing on the basis of Sensory Branding, Pyramid Principle & Image Elements will :

  • Create a story through the visual experience.
  • Develop an immense shopping experience by engaging and inspiring customers
  • Construct head-turning window displays & signage essentials
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of walkways, counters and in-store displays
  • Attract footfall and convert it to sales
  • Build and retain Brand loyalty

Visual Merchandising is more than dressing mannequins. It's an art of telling your brand's story. Create yours with Enigma!
" People are always going to go shopping. A lot of our efforts is just : 'How do we make the retail experience a great one ?"

Events & Workshops

Are you looking for a powerful promotional idea that can help bring more people in the door & consequently boost sales? Well Enigma’s innovatively designed 'Fashion Events & Workshops’ is an ideal fit for you! Holding an interactive themed event or an informative workshop on the launch of new season collection or store opening can be a way to entertain and/or educate clients about your products, latest trends and escalate shopping. The unique workshops will intrigue those passing by your business to take a moment to visit your store and will form an exclusive image of your brand in the market !
"You walk into a retail store, whatever it is, and if there's a sense of entertainment & excitement you wanna be there"

Staff Training

Front-line retail employees are the primary custodians of customer experience, that is the competitive differentiator for traditional retailers. In the alignment with the Visual merchandising, our team conducts Employee Branding training on Image Management, Style Consulting & Soft skills. This will help you to :

  • Turn the employees into assets having excellent communication & selling skills
  • Create a leading organisation that is fueled by an engaged workforce
  • Elevate the front-end staff into Personal Shoppers with the correct fashion knowledge
  • Guide buyers on what to buy based on their roles, goals, occasion & Personal characteristics
  • Convert walk-in buyers into satisfied customers

68% of consumers desire the importance of interactive salesperson who understands their preferences or needs. Your brand building can fulfill this need!

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