“We envision to align your inner image with the outer one, that the world actually sees.“

Our Story

An Artist is someone who CREATES! Since childhood we were introduced to colors and canvas. Artistically we have been creating innovative forms perfectly. The only difference now is that – our Canvas has changed. We are still the ARTISTS. Now with the art & science of Image Consulting, we fill colors in the lives of people and create the Best version of themselves!

Internationally Certified

We are Internationally certified Image Consultants and have been trained under the curriculum of Conselle IIM, USA, founded by Judith Rasband, world's 1st Certified Image Master (CIM). We are professionally trained Stylists and members of IMPA.


Delhi School of Economics alumni, we are UGC certified Assistant Professors, however with the 'artistic' perspective to look everything and yearning of 'touching lives' of people lead us to the path of Image Consulting.

We are the first sisters duo Image Consulting firm

What we do ?

Understanding people is an art and solving their issues is a blessing! Whether it’s a job seeker finding a perfect attire to maintain an apt authority level for an interview, or an entrepreneur seeking approachable & trustworthy body language to crack a deal or may be a bride needing anxiety management and styling during her D-day! Each time they come, we solve the problems related to their Appearance, Behavior, Communication and Digital presence.

How we do ?

With the help of Science (i.e. knowledge of the image management) & Art (i.e. applying creativity into it), we beautify the image and life of the people considering all the aspects like – Clothing, Grooming, Communication & Etiquette. Our team takes the client through a process of Lifestyle evaluation, Body-line-proportion measurement, Color theory, Psychology & Personal Style assessment. We streamline the process & give recommendations according to the client's needs.

Why we do ?

In an instant, image can convey so many things such as success, status, character, authority, stability, trustworthiness, approach ability, personality and of course style. Whether we like it or not people will formulate an opinion about us before they even know us, solely based on what color or pattern we are wearing, how calculated our hand movements are, the way we order at restaurant and even what we are posting or sharing on social media. Every aspect sends messages and portrays our image.


At Enigma we believe that each individual has unique gifts & those gifts give him/her the power & the opportunity to accomplish great things. Many of us lack behind in actualizing our dreams since our talents remain hidden; maybe because of fear, lack of confidence, unperceived style or childhood conditioning. Our aim is to hold your hand & to reveal that uniqueness which has been concealed for so long, so that you achieve success & happiness and outshine in every sphere of life. We envision to align your (real) inner image with the outer one that the world actually sees.

So far

We have been working with people and organisations from diverse backgrounds and professions – Personality Development coaching to Homemakers & teenagers • Personal Branding services to Entrepreneurs • Fashion Consulting and Style Consulting to Fashion Couture • Digital footprint and Soft skill training to Banking professionals • Wedding/Bridal Consulting to families • Image Consulting and Soft skill sessions in Schools, Colleges and Institutes • Corporate training to Business Houses • Wardrobe Designing to various individuals • Blogging to impart knowledge on image issues.

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